Benefits of After-School Programs

Do your kids go home to an empty house after school each day? If so, you might want to find out if the school offers an after-school program. This type of program is designed to reduce the amount of time kids spend alone after school, and there are numerous benefits these programs offer. Here are three of the main benefits your kids could experience if you sign them up for an after-school program instead of sending them home alone.

Improved Academic Performance

Research shows that kids that attend after-school programs instead of going home alone:

Have better attendance in school

Experience improvements in grades

Receive higher standardized test scores

An after-school program offers kids a safe environment with an educational focus. While kids are there, they are free to work on homework, ask questions, play, and take part in a wide variety of different activities.

Decreased Involvement in Troublesome Activities

The second benefit after-school programs offer is that they are supervised. If your kids have to walk home from school, they may end up in trouble. They might get involved in the wrong crowd or make poor decisions, and this is often because they are not supervised. This is one of the reasons it is better for them to be involved in an after-school program.

The Washington Post reported that studies show that kids that attend after-school programs are less likely to become involved in violent, dangerous, or illegal activities. They are also less likely to:

Join a gang

Become a victim of violence

Skip school

Drink, smoke, or try drugs

Engage in promiscuous activities

Improvements in Health

Finally, kids that attend after-school programs are generally more physically fit because they are able to take part in physical activities while they are there. Getting at least 60 minutes of physical activities can help reduce a child’s chances of obesity, and it also helps a child stay healthier.

After-school programs often allow the kids to take part in activities such as:

Intramural sports

Playing on the school playground

Games and other activities that require movement

If kids go home to an empty house, they might be more likely to sit around watching TV or playing video games. They might also be more prone to eating junk food because it’s available.

If you would like to help your child succeed and feel good about the things your child is doing, sign him or her up for an after-school program.